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Southport Weekender - How it all started... The UK's premier weekender and the inspiriation for Soul City

OHS - On Hubert Street - Barry May and friends, keeping it soulful in the North

L'America - Cardiff's biggest and best! Brilliant lineups and even better ladies

Z Records - The mighty Dave Lee's record label and home, brilliant message board and mixes

Body Music - Andy Bird's brilliant night, alongside Need2Soul as the reasons to visit the Key

Development - Like Soul City but in Manchester. With more people. And a proper cloakroom. Unisex toilets though, not as good as they sound.

NY Soul - Record Company & DJ promotion

Spirit Of House - Website from the one and only Mike Fossati, making the web a more soulful place to surf!

Million Dollar Disco - The brilliant label north of the border now has a brilliant website to match!
Big up Al Kent!